About us

CSO Vida has been active in the area of drug abuse prevention since 2010. Our programs are aimed at the general population of young people, young people at risk of developing addiction, and young people experimenting with psychoactive substances.

The association employs a professional team consisting of two psychologists, a social pedagogue, a social worker, a lawyer, a cultural scientist and a theologian, an assistant in therapeutic work with addicts and an administrator with IT skills. In our work we also rely on a wide network of partners and associates, including the Institute for Public Health of the County of Primorje-Gorski kotar and the Institute of Public Health of the County of Lika-Senj.

Vida is also a member of Correlation - European harm reduction network. We act as the focal point of this organization and participate in numerous Correlation Network meetings and conferences where we have the opportunity to meet and network with experts from many European countries and collect good practices from other organizations.

For more information about the Vida Association and our work, visit ours official website or us contact.