About the project

Who and what?

The "Vida" drug addict company from Rijeka conducts preventive action "Party Safe", within its projects aimed at creating safe night-time environments.

Where and when?

"Party safe" is performed throughout Croatia, at numerous music festivals. The implementation of the action started in 2018 on the most famous beach party, Zrno, within the project "Powerful, Healthy, Safe". It continued in 2019, through the implementation of the "Red Shoe" and "Guardian" projects.


Because we want a fun and interactive way to get acquainted with the risks of taking drugs. Psychoactive substances have become almost inevitable risk in today's world and it is important to strengthen the capacity of young people to remain safe and healthy and make responsible decisions.

We also want night-time environments such as music festivals and nightclubs to make things safer and more enjoyable by providing support and help in the event of a crisis situation on the spot. Our booths are free of censorship, discrimination and prejudice and we are inviting you to contact us for any questions or needs.