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15th - 18th July 2019, NGO Vida's team of employees and volunteers carried out harm reduction activities at Croatia's most popular party beach - Zrce beach ?

The Ministry of Health temporarily forbade the use of a gas ampoule of didodicky monoxide

( Party fever at Zrno this year created concerns about the use of gas monoxide didulic gas, the use of which was now banned by the Ministry of Health. The ban is only temporary and will be in effect until September 30 this year.

About ampoules of this gas, as well as other problems, every day in the mayor's office are discussed by taxi drivers, caterers, policemen because security is also in tourism in the first place. About safety in Novalja since this year is concerned with Mario Bertina, the former head of PNUSKOK, who was hired by the city administration. Read more ...

United Nations - World Drug Report 2019

(UNODC) - The World Drug Report 2019 is again presented in five separate sections that divide the wealth of information and analysis contained in the report into individual reader-friendly booklets in which drugs are grouped by their psychopharmacological effect for the first time in the report's history.

As in previous years, the World Drug Report 2019 is aimed at improving the understanding of the world's drug problem and contributing to fostering greater international cooperation for countering its impact on health, governance and security. READ MORE

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